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for production of feed phosphates.

Fosfitalia SpA

The industrial company of the Group.

Fosfitalia's main activity is the production of calcium phosphate used for animal feed industry, the production is carried out in two units located in Ravenna and Forli.

The first of the two production units in Forli was built in the early 70's, within the secondary offices of Medizoo, Verona.

In 1972, following a stipulated agreement with Medizoo, Fosfitalia has built its first manufactury for calcium phosphates, transforming the Medizoo storage into a production plant.

On the Ravenna port, Fosfitalia has a built a costal storage Unit, in order to receive phosphoric acid, its main raw materiel, imported from mediterranean countries.  Upon reception the product is then transported to Forli by silos trucks to be used in the production process.

The production process of Fosfitalia is based on purified feed grade phosphoric acid.

Between 1975 and 1985, the industrial activity strengthened and became a reference on the italian market for the quality of the products and services.

From 1985, a new era started, the company changed its managerial strategies and visions into a more ambitious and dynamic character.  Diversifying its products by building a new plant for the production of special products in order to extend the sales outside the Italian borders.

From the 90's, Fosflitalia became the Italian market leader, and acquired a land on Ravenna port, which will become the development center and the adress of the second industrial unit.

In fact in that area, Fosfitalia has built a deopsit in order to receive diretly from its quay a quantity of 10,000 tons of phosphoric acid into 4 tanks especially made for luiqid, and also 1,500 tons of powder products into 16 silos.  As well as a modern automated warehouse laying on 2000 s.m, equipped with the lastest technologies for packaging in paper bags (50 & 25 kgs), polypropylene (50 & 25 kgs) and big bgas (1 & 1.5 tons) with an access to a ramp for loading containers.

 The warehouse is also fully equipped to receive other feed products.

Contact information :
Headquarter and commercial office

Via del Perlare 2 int 6
37135 Verona

Tel (Centralino) : +39045500822
Fax. +39045508658

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Forli production unit

Impianto di produzione Forli
Via E. Fermi, 11
47100 Forli, Italia

Tel (Centralino) : +39045500822
Fax. +39045508658

Email :

Ravenna production unit

Via Baiona, 135
48100 Ravenna

Tel (Centralino) : +39045500822
Fax. +39045508658

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